Kimberly Leger

I joined It Works Global August 31, 2012 because of the amazing results I saw after just ONE wrap! I decided to jump all in with the company. I wanted to help other people achieve results like mine and feel better about the way they look. I also started taking the Greens at that time and noticed that I had more energy and was able to get past my weight loss plateau! I managed to drop 12 pounds in just a month and a half with no other change to my diet or lifestyle other than a few wraps and taking the greens daily. My body was able to function 100% because of all the good nutrition I was fueling it with. I knew I had really found something special and I had to share it with everyone who would listen.


Fast forward to August 31, 2013, I promoted to Diamond and earned the $10,000 G.O.O.D bonus! If you had told me that I would be earning that bonus and promoting to Diamond after just a year with the company, I never would have believed you! It happened with lots of work and determination and I would love to help YOU achieve your goals and build your business like I have achieved my goals and built my business! I am going to the top with this company and I would love to take you for the ride with me!


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